Post-Production Update #1

We did it! After six days of filming we’ve wrapped principal photography on Expiration Date! Standing here with me are the principal actors, standing from left to right: Ben Zelevansky, Avery Pearson & Anne Leighton (our leads who you met in the previous update), and Elester Latham. They were a joy to work with and a good looking bunch I’m sure you’ll agree (and an extra special “thank you” to our set photographer Tiffany Chealene Petitt who snapped this and many other great set photos).

Now the period of post-produciton begins. The film is being handed over to the editor Suraj Das (remember him from Update #7?). Editing will continue through the end of the year, so it will be a little while before I send a direct communique again but you should follow our Facebook page for smaller (but no less significant) updates.

I want to take a moment now to thank some of the incredible people on my production crew who helped this film come together:

  • Brandon Hall and Kelly Austin Davis, my incomparable 1st and 2nd ADs.
  • Matt Halla, my fearless director of photography and his crack G&E team.
  • Grey Cusack, my inventive production designer and her tireless PD team.
  • Assia Shao & Shela Maung, my daring soundies!
  • Jessyca Bluwal, my amazing costumer (she was sew great).
  • Abbie Alvarez, whose makeup kept us looking good even as we sweat.
  • Alan de la Rosa, my observant script supervisor who kept me sane.
  • Zack Charney Cohen, our experienced and knowledgeable DIT.

There are so many more people who helped Expiration Date along. I mention this because though as the director I was the public face of the Kickstarter, it takes a real team effort to make a film and I’m just so glad I had the best possible team behind me. I’m very happy with how the filming went and really excited to put it all together.