Post-Production Update #3

Hi Expiration Daters! Time sure flies in post-production. A bunch of stuff has happened since the last update. A few more people have joined our project: Sam Ziaie, who has done an amazing job as our colorist. I wanna give you all a sneaky-peek of how good this movie looks:

Also joining us is Samuel Strick — of no relation to the other Sam, but my brother! Samuel’s a truly talented game designer as well as a graphic designer. In fact he’s in the middle of his own Kickstarter for a fun board game, EJiPT! Samuel designed the titles to Expiration Date and you just have to see them in motion.

The original score is being written by the awesome John Piscitello. We last collaborated on my 508 film, The Stain. The music’s turned out really well and has a fun and quirky vibe that you’re going to enjoy. Anyone who contributed $25 or more to the Kickstarter will receive a digital copy of the soundtrack!

Last but not least is our lead sound mixer, Ginge Cox! And if you’re wondering where I’m posting this update from, it’s down in the basement at USC for our final sound mix.

It’s hard to believe, but as we emerge from the basement and into the light, the film will be done. But until then there’s still plenty to do, so I’ll see you all a little later!