Expiration Date: World Premiere Screening May 17th

Lights, Camera, Premiere!

Hey Experinos! I’m happy to announce that Expiration Date will be having its World Premiere Screening this month! You are invited to join me at the first public screening of my thesis. I can hardly believe it myself but it’s finally here!

The screening will be held in Norris Cinema Theater at University of Southern California on Sunday, May 17th as a part of a larger 2015 USC thesis film festival. There are three blocks of screenings that day – morning, afternoon and evening – and Expiration Date is in the afternoon block which begins at 3:30 PM. It’s expected to screen at 4:35 PM, but I would definitely come earlier to snag a seat.

I’m really excited to see Expiration Date up on the big screen, and I hope you are too. It’s been a wild journey but the fun’s not over yet! There are still more prizes and surprises to come…